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19” Universal Rack (BH220)

bh186A rack-mount system that can be used to combine Video Distribution Amplifiers, Line Correctors and Hum Cancellers in one enclosure. The BH220 is ordered unpopulated with 16 slots available and then assembled with modules as per the customer’s requirement. The versatile design enables a choice appropriate to the installation and also offers the potential to reserve space for future capacity. Depending on the configuration, the unit will accept a maximum of 32 cameras. The rack is supplied with in line switch mode power supply, extender card to assist the installer with any required adjustments and is fully RoHS compliant.

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19” Rack, 3u, 196mm deep
Anodised Aluminium
Output 12V DC @ 1.5A, Input 100VAC – 240VAC – Nominally 100W 47-63Hz via IEC Connector

Ordering Information:
For a quotation, further details or technical support and advice, contact us by phone on +44 (0)1483 480969, fax +44 (0)1483 797268 or email us, quoting part number BH220.

19” Modular Rack (unpopulated with 16 slots available), with in line power supply and extender card

Products available for use with BH220:
BH192/3125 2 in 4 out module with Video Distribution Amplifier, uses 1 slot (max 32 cameras per rack
BH193/3125 2 in 10 out module with Video Distribution Amplifier, uses 2 slots (max 16 cameras per rack)
BH231/3125 2 in 8 out module with Video Distribution Amplifier, uses 1 slot (max32 cameras per rack)
BH195 Blank Plate (max 16 per rack)