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Addlestone Electronics

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of coax cable can I use in conjunction with your equipment?

I am considering ordering a BH220 rack with type BH193/3125 Video Distribution Amplifier modules. Will the modules be fitted in the rack for me?

If I order your BH220 rack and BH192/3125 VDA modules, will I need anything else to have a working unit?

I have just purchased one of your new type BH185 Launch Amplifier units for twisted pair, will I be able to use it with one of your BH74BU Line correctors that I purchased a couple years ago?

Your BH193/3125 VDA module, what do you get when ordering one seperately from a rack?

Do your BH192/3125 and BH193/3125 VDA modules have any adjustments for the video signal levels?

Does your BH185 Launch Amplifier for twisted pair cable do the same job as a balun?

I have installed a camera system – the picture is of reasonable quality but I have horizontal bars moving vertically across my monitor screen.

I have one of your older BH18 Video Launch Amplifier units. Can I use it in conjunction with your current Video Line Corrector, the BH74-UU?

I am using type RG59 coax cable with a cable run of about 270m. I have a picture but it is not very bright and there is very little colour.

I have a combined telemetry / video over coax system. The coax cable run is about 750m. The picture is poor – can I use one of your BH74-UU units to improve the picture?

I am using a twisted pair cable with screening of the individual pairs as well as an overall screen. The cable run is only 300m but the picture is very poor.

I have a cable run of about 230m of RG59 coax. The video signal is down to about 0.8V and I have poor colour. I have just fitted one of your BH184 units at the end of the cable run to boost the video signal but the picture has not improved!

I am using coax video cable, is this the same as “Unbalanced” video transmission?

I have one of your BH220 racks fitted with type BH193/3125 VDA modules which has 5 outputs per channel. Can I use the unit to obtain 8 outputs per channel?

I have a BH184 Video Launch Amplifier unit that has been damaged by lightning – can I return it to you for repair?