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Video Launch Amplifiers

Using a Video Launch Amplifier at the camera end of the cable run will significantly improve the quality of the video signal received at the monitor or other receiving equipment.

All of our units are designed to operate on their own for short cable runs or inconjunction with a Video Line Corrector for medium to long cable runs.

Available in either balanced (twisted-pair) or unbalanced (coax), all products come with user friendly adjustable gain and high frequency lift controls and are suitable for both colour and monochrome video signals.

Please feel free to download a data sheet or for more information please contact Support@Addlestone-Electronics.co.uk and we will be happy to advise the correct solution for you individual requirement.

Free-Standing Balanced (Twisted Pair) product range

bh185 BH185 Video Launch Amplifier and Active Balun for Twisted Pair cable

Video Launch Amplifier and active Balun for conversion of unbalanced (coax) video signal to balanced (twisted-pair) signal.
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product page - bh209 and 208

Free-Standing Unbalanced (Coax) product range

bh184 BH184 Video Launch Amplifier & Video Distribution Amplifier

Dual purpose product which can be utilised as either a Launch Amplifier when installed at the camera end or as a Distribution Amplifier when used at the monitor end.
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product page - bh184